Why Wrestling?

Why choose wrestling?
  1. Wrestling doesn't discriminate - no matter your body type, height, weight, or gender - there is a place for you in wrestling.
  2. Wrestling improves reflexes, balance, agility and endurance.
  3. Wrestling is a sport of control - not violence.
  4. Wrestling strengthens both physically and mentally.
  5. Wrestling develops confidence, discipline and perseverance.
  6. Wrestling emphasizes good sportsmanship - win or lose, wrestlers must shake their opponent's and opposing coach's hands.
  7. Wrestling builds character and develops a work ethic that is difficult to find in any other sport.
  8. Wrestling is the world's oldest sport - dating back to 3000 B.C. - and one of the original sports of the ancient Olympic Games.
  9. Wrestling is a natural activity, one of the first forms of physical play that children do without being taught.
  10. Wrestling teaches skills and values that can be used in all aspects of a wrestler's life.
Most of all... wrestling is fun!
When a boy walks onto the mat,
he stands alone.
No one will run interference,
no one will pass him the ball when he is under the net,
no one will catch a high fly if he makes a bad pitch.
He stands alone.
In other sports, where individual scores are kept, the contest is determined in time, distance, and height.
But in wrestling, the score is kept on a boy's ability to overcome an opponent in a hand-to-hand contest,
where a two second interval at any time can mean a loss or a win.
If an opponent gains an advantage, there will be no help, no substitute, no time out;
and all can be lost in two seconds.
Yes, the boy stands alone.
There is no place on a wrestling team for show-offs, the lazy, or the half-hearted.
When the whistle blows, a boy puts his ability, his determination, and his courage on the line.
We who are close to the young men on our wrestling team have watched
the full range of emotions from elation to heartbreak.
We have seen coaches with tears running down their cheeks
as they try to console a young man who has given his all... yet lost.
Wrestling is a tough, hard sport, and like life, it is survival of the fittest.
The young men who enter and stay with the team know this.
They know that when the time comes and the whistle blows ...
They stand alone.